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lucky__kitty's Journal

Sengoku Kiyosumi x Eiji Kikumaru = OTP
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lucky kitty - a sengoku x kikumaru fan community

about the comunity
Welcome to the SennyKiku fandom! I have no idea if this fandom exists anywhere else, and the same goes for most of the members, but boy do we love it! Refered to among us as the Sunset Pair or the Spaghetti Pair, they EMBODY fluff. Sengoku is a sweetie, and Kikumaru is a sweetie too, and we love them.

Why this pairing, you ask? WTF at this pairing, you say?

Well. In the RP tenipuri_pexxx SennyKiku happened, and we decided that GP aside, SennyKiku is positively the cutest thing in the world, and so now we're trying to make other people aware of the fandom, and the funness of the pairing.

And YES, they do to meet. Seigaku plays Yamabuki at some point, and in the anime, Senny and Kiku are in the Senbatsu tournament together so there. We can fangirl them if we want to.

community rules and such
Please read these rules before posting anything!! I will ban people for ... random amounts of time if the rules are ignored. I dunno how long. Don't want to have to worry about it, just be awesome and do what they say, okay? Okay!

- be nice to other members -
This is the most important rule ever. Be nice to everyone in the community. No silly fights. If you have a problem with someone, don't bring it here. This is a fluffy happy place!

- lock anything nc-17 -
To protect the children. Under the same lines, don't join if you aren't old enough for that kinda stuff. I don't want to be in trouble with anybody's mommies or daddies.

- spread the word -
This pairing is like ... unheard of. So you guys need to tell people about it and make them see how cute, if cracky, it is. Because it's really farking cute, and everyone should love SennyKiku.

- be supportive of posted works -
That means to try to look if you want to, and comment if you look/read/steal. It's only polite!!

- sennykiku posts only, duh -
Errr... Isn't this rule obvious? Don't ramble about totally off the wall shit. XD This is a SennyKiku community, so it should be SennyKiku related if you post it. Okay? Okay. Awesome. Although I really don't care if you do an introduction post, when you first join the community, don't randomly post "HEY LOOK I LOVE THEM STILL" because we figured that by you being a member.

a closing note
Errr.. I'll add more stuff, like banners and colorbars later, when I have more time. I hope you guys join and add to the community! Yay love!

Sincerily, your lovely moderator, linen.
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